Dynamic Freight Optimization

Transporters have different vehicles, price models and terminals. Through Skrym’s new Dynamic Freight Optimization (DFO) service, each order’s delivery options can be presented in a way that minimizes emissions and transport costs.

DFO works as an add-on to the Live Optimization utilizing the automated package choice to validate the availability, cost and emissions for every delivery option. The results are returned through a standard REST API and enables you to use the validated data for any type of presentation logic in your checkout, for example:

  • Hide a home delivery option if it is X% more expensive than than other available home delivery options
  • Let the delivery option that is the cheapest for you be free for the customer and price other options at the exact price difference from the cheapest option
  • Hide delivery options exceeding a certain emissions threshold

Of course, you stay in full control of your checkout experience so that you can keep building and maintaining the relationship with your customers. Skrym’s DFO service works in the background to give you a better information flow to optimize for efficiency.