Logistics is everywhere.

Until someone invents teleportation technology in year 2176 logistics will remain a difficult problem. At the same time, it’s impossible to avoid logistics – things and people need to be moved. This means there is a need for precision in planning the use of both space and time. Today, that can often be a bit of a headache – just look at the current container prices and the Suez canal debacle.

Fortunately, we have at least come a bit on the way towards teleportation. New technology has enabled automation and optimization that reduce the headaches of working with logistics. At Skrym, we’re passionate about using these new technologies to make logistics simple, fun and above all – sustainable.

About us

We’re mathematicians, economists, programmers and engineers. But above all, we’re all part of the generation that does not accept unsustainable solutions and who aspire to lead the change needed to meet the climate crisis.