Our objectives

Higher fill rate in the packages

This is why we exist. Today, way too much air is sent back and forth, and we simply cannot change it fast enough.

Maximum precision of data for follow-up

Too often we see companies taking shortcuts in data collection or estimating emissions. We make it easy to do the right thing.

Minimum technical work for our customers

Being an online retailer is a lot of work, so we want to make sure we don’t create any additional headaches from technical problems.

Cooperation through the value chain

It’s easy as an online retailer to just want to grow fast. But it’s equally important to grow in a sustainable way.

“You have to continue with this”

Skrym is the result of a student project from the Stockholm School of Economics. As our final project in the new program module Global Challenges, we worked closely with an online retailer that wanted to better understand their packaging use. We quickly learned that packaging is the “ugly duckling” in e-commerce, left on to-do lists and rarely discussed in board rooms. We therefore decided to get to the bottom of the problem and develop a solution that could 1) solve the problem and 2) be scaled up quickly.

We were proud and happy when the Global Challenges Foundation and the jury awarded us the 2018 GC Expo “Best Project Award” and encouraged us to keep working on it. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Video from Global Challenges Expo 2018

No more guessing.

With our system, working with increasing efficiency and following up on sustainability becomes much easier. We offer detailed monitoring of:

  • Electricity (kWh)

  • Emissions

  • Transports

  • Fill rate

  • Water usage

  • Custom KPI:s


We are economists, mathematicians, engineers, data scientists and statisticians. We’re all dedicated to making sure our generation will be the one to lead the transition to sustainable value chains.

To be able to change a value chain you need many different competences and perspectives. We’re different from many other Startups in that we have a wide range of academic backgrounds:

Handelshögskolan i Stockholm | University College London | Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan | Högskolan i Skövde | ETH Zürich | University of Oxford | École Polytechnique